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A letter from the owner of Lupine Kennels

An outside person brought to my attention their recent bad experience at another kennel with their pets getting sick with canine cough. Apparently an ongoing situation. With that said I would like to share with you what Lupine Kennels does ,has been doing and will be making some slight enhancements for the safety of your pets:

Lupine Kennels completed a 4 hour Laws, Rules, Sanitation and Safety Course today through the state of Wisconsin for continuing Education. We are also taking the initiative to complete another salon Sanitation certificate course on our own. It's a great time to mention that Lupine Kennels has never had any canine cough ,ParvoVirus outbreaks or flea infestations. All grooming equipment is sanitized and disinfected after each use with a germicidal, UV lights and an ultrasonic cleaner. Grooming tables are disinfected after each use. Towels are washed with a germicidal compound.Anything that is used for grooming that cannot be disinfected such as emery boards are discarded after each use.

In the boarding facility. We do not accept any bedding from home. We provide all cots,blankets and food bowls as everything needs to be sanitized and disinfected daily. All kennels are disinfected daily and in between customers. We never share water or food bowls.

If any dogs were ever found to have fleas or illness they would be put in quarantine in a separate building until their owners are available to pick up.We also have fire safety protocols and natural disaster drills in place. 

We require proof of Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper for any pet to board. This is an absolute requirement that is checked to be up to date prior to each boarding. We strive to give your pet THE MOST comfortable,clean and safe boarding experience they can have.

We have current licenses and permits for our kennels and we are subject to random inspections.
We also live on the premise and have security cameras in use.

Have a great day,

Monica Swank
‚ÄčLupine Kennels

Lupine Kennelsboarding and grooming  in Amery, WI

Other Info

We do not mix dogs from other families with your pets.

We use an air purification system that kills bacteria in the air

Our front door has an automatic lock to insure no one opens a door and a dog runs out

Our entire property has surveillance inside and outside the kennel for their safety

All business is done by appointment only so we know who is on our property and when

No pets are released to anyone without a parent's consent

Monica is Pet First Aid and CPR Certified

All pets must be on a leash or in a carrier when coming to Lupine Kennels. If using a retractable leash it must be locked at no longer than 3 feet for the safety of all guests.