The Owner

Monica Weaver

Certified Pet Groomer

Certified Pet Hygienist

Certified In Pet CPR

Certified In Pet First Aid

Holistic Practioner

Canine Hydrotherapist

About Monica:

I was a hair sytlist for 10 years before switching to dog boarding and grooming. I had my first dog as an adult named Beaumont, a Shih Tzu, and I was coming back to the Amery area to find a place to live. My best friend Heidi Hegstrom owned  and built Lupine Kennels. At the time her mother had become terminally ill and she was looking for someone to buy her place. I thought it was a perfect fit for Beau (my Shih Tzu) and I, so we bought it.   I didn't plan on boarding and grooming at first, as I already had a full time job managing salons but slowly people kept calling me for boarding, and I was pretty excited to care for other people's dogs( as my Beaumont was spoiled rotten...ok beyond...spoiled...rotten).

Pretty quickly, word of mouth spread and within a year I was able  to quit my job managing salons and run the kennels full time. Slowly the demand for grooming was also coming along, so with the help of Heidi apprenticing me ,and grooming school I was grooming within a year of opening. 

Owning Lupine Kennels for over 13 years now has been such a joy. I absolutely love taking care of other peoples pets and treating them like my own. Giving them a beautiful haircut and a refreshing bath makes them feel like a million bucks and I love their little happy prance after grooming. My boarding style is motherly, loving, open and honest.  I want to create a mutually beneficial relationship for your pet, you and I .

On the side I volunteer with local pet rescues and am proud to say I have assisted in saving over 600 pets from puppy mills and abuse. 

I also love making handmade soap .  You can read about those things in our other sections. 

Thank you for choosing us for your pet care needs. It is an honor to meet and care for all the animals that come to Lupine for their vacations and salon appointments. They really become family at our place.  We look forward to meeting you and building long lasting relationships.

Lupine Kennelsboarding and grooming  in Amery, WI