Lupine Kennelsboarding and grooming  in Amery, WI

Q: My dog is a runner. I am afraid he will get loose and run away. Is your place secure?

A: Yes! Our front door has an auto-lock. Once you are inside our building there is another door that leads to the boarding area that is always shut.  Each individual dog kennel has a lock on it. Dog are only let out into the play yard which is through another door. In the play yard, there is 8 foot fencing and underground fencing.  We have never lost a dog.

Q: I'm afraid my dog will be nervous and miss me. How will I know my dog will be O.K.?

A: We know exactly how you feel. We have dogs of our own and once we were the customers ourselves.  Because we know how you feel we make sure your pooch has plenty of love and affection while you are away. We can even send a text message update to let you know how your pup has acclimated.  Almost 100% of dogs when their owners leave are excited to see what kind of adventure they will have. We give them plenty of time to sniff out our boarding facility and lots of hours of play in our expansive play yard!

Q:How often does my dog get let of it's kennel?

A: The answer is most often, more than at home.  We take dogs out for exercise in our play yard every couple hours. Our expansive play yard allows them to run, run run! We love to play fetch or frisbee with your pets as well.  When outside they generally tell us when they are ready to come in.  We also never mix dogs unless they are from the same family for safety reasons. 

Q:We got home from our trip early. Would it be O.K. if we pick up our dog early outside of your hours?

A: No. We have an agreement with out township to not do business outside of these set hours. To do so we can be fined and shut down. We comply with all township and state regulations. To pick your dog up a day earlier than your appointment  was scheduled for, please call to make arrangements . Advance pick ups must be done within business hours and with notification. 

Q: I want to bring along my dog's favorite blanket or bed. Can I do that?

A: All the bedding, cots and food bowls have to be disinfected and sanitized daily.  We have tried to allow people to bring things from home in the past but with the amount of cleaning we have to do daily, it's hard to keep track of everyone's blanket's, beds, and food bowls etc let alone try to fit all sizes of stuff in our washer and dryer.  We provide the fleece blankets, Kuranda cots and stainless steel bowls to insure that every is properly cleaned daily.

Q: How do I know that my pet is safe at your facility?

A: Our boarding facility and property are protected by LIVE dispatch security monitoring,including fire,flood, temperature fluctuance and video surveillance.